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Backs And Positioning SupportsBacks And Positioning SupportsBacks And Positioning Supports
Full Body Positioning Supports Include: Personal Backs, Adjustable lateral thoracic trunk support, Posterior Back Support and angle adjustability for involved positioning needs.

Headrests: Provides support of the head and neck if you are using tilt-in-space wheelchairs or need additional support to hold your head upright. Numerous options for headrest shapes, sizes, mounting hardware, and cover materials create custom solutions for basic to complex needs.

Upper body positioning includes anterior trunk supports, hand supports, and arm troughs. These supports are designed to improve upper body posture, help hold the head upright, improve function in the arms and hands, and assist with breathing.

Pelvic positioning belts are designed to help keep the pelvis stable and aligned. When the pelvis is properly positioned, it improves your overall body posture and function. Options include various support styles, sizes, closure styles, and adjustments.

Lower body positioning includes foot boxes and shoe holders, which are designed to support the feet, ankles, and even calves. When your feet are positioned properly, it can help reduce pressure on other areas of the body, including under the pelvis.